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My name is Vedran Perić. I am an electrical engineer with more than 10 years of experience in industry and academia. Currently, I am the Head of Research Center for Combined Smart Energy Systems - CoSES at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). 

I am  doing research in the field of dynamic stability, operation and control of smart grids. I am particularly focused on integration of electric systems with district heating/cooling grids.

Our group is operating a lab where we are performing High Power Hardware-In-The-Loop (PHIL) experiments (up to 1 MW) on a small but very flexible microgrid. The experiments aim to validate theoretical results on the real hardware. You can find more information about the lab in the white paper (link).

Latest activities can be followed here.  


Open Research Associate Position 

If you are interested in doing a PhD or want to do a Post-Doc with the strong focus on using Modelica for solving real-life problems in cooperationwith a great BMW company.


More information can be found at:

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